Friday, June 14, 2019

Oh what a feeling!

The feeling for me of starting something new, a new business specifically, that has incredible potential, is like no other feeling I can think of.  The tingling down the back of the spine - the urge to sit and record an idea, to whittle away at a task, moving ever closer to a website release of 1.0, getting information from friends and business colleagues about the market, learning something new, talking and being with former investors who have become friends, who love you, love, because they believe in you, despite your past failures, and perhaps because of them in a way, knowing in their hearts that they want what you want.  Talking with friends who have seen you on your highs and your utter lows and they are still with you.  This is a unique feeling that is not defined only by excitement - its something more - something higher on another level.  I have that feeling now and I am so...happy.  It is an elation unto itself.  It is something you cannot give up, no matter how hard you try.

Me with Naturae Flower - (coming soon)

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