Friday, May 18, 2018

Some of my interesting finds at Consensys NY

Some of my interesting finds at Consensys NY, in no particular order


StreamR - this is definitely at the top of my list.  Developing ways on the blockchain to monetize the data around us while allowing individuals and companies to own and control their own data.  This is kind of like a cross between Internet of Things and big data - very excited with workable product.  

Dala coin - democratizing money transfer in developing nations - now in 7 African countries - workable product.  - real estate on the blockchain

oilcoin - crypto backed by oil reserves

ruuvi - bluetooth enabled device to monitor and distribute environmental data like temperature, humidity, activity, etc.  They are working with StreamR

Siglo - blockchain to democratize money transferability and decrease impediments in emerging markets

Others, I'm either currently invested in or have an interest in investing:  



I attended Consensys NY this week and it was one of the most attended conferences I've EVER been to, let alone in the blockchain space.  There were lots of interesting technologies, some I had known about prior to attending, and others that were entirely new and thought-provoking. 

I'm typically looking for technologies or companies that:

1) have an alpha or beta early workable product or at least a value proposition and clear path of getting there.  I don't invest on concept alone.  If there is no product, then the team has to be able to show they've created a similar product,

2) have an interesting concept with a clear path to a direct value add to increase efficiency of an ecosystem,

3) have an excellent technical team with some idea of the underlying business proposition or go to market, even if distant into the future.  I'd like to see a semblance of a plan on how to monetize,

4) though not a necessity, its a huge bonus if this disruptive technology or business already has paying clients and/or users,

5) a community using or "vouching" for the product,

6) be in a space or category that I believe in and can easily integrate into my own evolving value system.

7) an investor base that I can understand - yes, I do like following money that's smarter than my own!  Its a great way to learn, in addition to increasing probability for successful outcomes.

I believe by investing in businesses and technologies that I enjoy using, consuming and living in, that great synergistic advantages will come to those technologies and businesses as well as for my own growth.  

I intentionally stay away from businesses and people who are not in accordance with my core belief system (examples of these types of companies that I WILL NOT INVEST in currently are oil producers or refiners, tobacco, guns or ammunition manufacturing or distribution.

I'm currently interested in learning more about and am currently investing in: disruptive technology, genetic research and analysis, epigenetics, alternative energy, electric automobiles, U.S. traditional manufacturing, specifically U.S. Automobiles, microprocessors, hardware and software, alternative medicine.

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