Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Its a Mans World but it wouldn't be nuthin without a Woman or A Girl

Was this a quantum physics moment?

Its happened many times to me in the past, sometimes on a smaller scale and sometimes a mind boggling one which I began writing about but have to continue.

Two hours ago, I was driving and on a phone call with a local nursery talking about hemp farms and a piece of land she owned with cousins and family, 13 acres nearby they were looking to sell.  And she kept reverting to her cousin, her son and husband, as she wanted nothing to do with the business around the farm - she just works there and she said, "yeah that business is for the men."  So, I jokingly said, "Its a Mans World, but it wouldn't be nuthin without a woman and a girl."  And apparently, she wasn't familiar with the tune by James Brown.  I listened to it first as a child because my Papa Morry loved James Brown and would play it for us in his Lincoln Continental while cruising through the streets of Orlando.

So, the woman I was talking with from the nursery says, "Oh, you said it!"  and she liked that quote from James.  So, I said, "y'know like James Brown says and all that stuff."  So, we had a nice conversation.  And I took another call and spoke with my dad for about a half hour and then, I went to the office.

I set up my computer just a few minutes ago and I am in a shared office type environment with a tv running in the background, y'know, and several others working beside me.  And, what song do I hear playing in the background?  You guessed it....."...this is a mans world, and it wouldn't be nuthin without a woman or a girl."

These types of coincidences seem strange and unreal to me and I struggle with figuring out why this happens.  Do I have some extra perception abilities in this area?  Is this related to quantum physics phenomena? Is it only a coincidence?

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